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i think of you(I think of you often)

i think of you

是什么意思Then I think of you?

  • 完整问题:Then I think of you~ think of you~ think of you~feel alone again~ think of you but I feel alone again.是什么意思
  • 好评回答:翻译:我不停的想你,然后我就感到孤独然后就是又不断想你
  • I think of you的歌词

  • 完整问题:
  • 好评回答: i think of you 歌手:tata young 专辑:donno When i’m down and all aloneWhen nothing seems to matterWhen i lose my hopetata YoungWhen i’m sad and confusedWhen it all gets turned around and ’round I can’t seem to reach for solid groundWhen everything i’ve believed in seems untrueAll i have to doIs think of you Like you chase away the stormMaking it all okayI think of youI think of you and i’m strongAnd i know i can go onIt’s like you set me freeWhen life gets the best of meI just think of you 。
  • I think?

  • 完整问题:You will be( ),I think?
  • 好评回答:You will be(better ),I think?
  • i cont think i want you 什么意?

  • 完整问题:i cont think i want you 什么意思
  • 好评回答:我不认为我需要你(答疑解惑,诚心助人,请对我的回答评价,感谢您支持新浪微问!)
  • I see what you are think about

  • 完整问题:I see what you are think about I see what you are think about ,but I can't tell you .翻译成中文
  • 好评回答:首先有时态错误.原句应为:I see what you are thinking about, but I can’t tell you.我看出你在想什么了,但我不能告诉你。——含“和你说了也没用”或者类似的意思。当然,如果还有一个更大的语境,这个言外之意可能完全不同。
  • i donot think you什么意?

  • 完整问题:i donot think you什么意思
  • 好评回答:这句话没说完
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